Lucid Dreaming

It sounds a little bit dramatic, but I’m pretty sure I just had the first lucid dream of my life. I purposefully didn’t look up any definitions yet, so as to not affect what I’m about to write; but in any case, it was unlike anything else I have ever experienced while dreaming.

The things that stood out to me the most:

1. Being completely aware of the fact that I was dreaming

Like most people, I’ve had dreams before in which I knew I was dreaming. This one was different though: I was as aware of the fact as though I was awake; I even discussed with myself about waking up several times. I mean, it was CRYSTAL CLEAR to me that I was dreaming. I think that if you had presented a math problem to me at the same time, I could have solved that as well. That kind of lucidity.

2. Being able to conjure people, actions and events at will

This was probably the most astonishing aspect of the dream: The ability to make whatever I want happen. For example, I conjured up places I’ve been to and I swear to god, there was no difference between actually being there and dreaming about it; if anything, the dream felt more real. I called up people I haven’t seen in many years, and when they appeared in front of me, I changed little things about them to make them even more realistic (or just for the fun of it). I was (almost) completely in charge of what happened. I felt like a kid in a candy store.

3. The incredible level of detail

I’m not a drug person, but after having this dream, I imagine this is what it feels like to take LSD. Every little detail stood out vividly to me, and I couldn’t stop marvelling at the smallest things. I remember one episode where I was walking through a very shallow lake in Lithuania, of all places, and got so caught up with the water lilies that I stared at them for what felt like minutes; it probably was. Every sensation, touch, smell and sight felt completely real. No, I take that back – it felt MORE real.

Some more random observations:

  • I had the very strange sensation that people were watching me while I was sleeping, even trying to get me to wake up. I imagined them sitting around my bed in the actual room I was sleeping in (it was the first time I slept in this room in the real world).
  • The dream went on for a very long time, but only happened during the second part of the night. The first half of my night I slept normal, then woke up and afterwards had the lucid dream.
  • As to what might have brought it on: I had much less to eat than usual before bedtime and I slept in a much colder room than normal. I suspect both might have had something to do with it. I have also been very strict about my Paleo diet over the last couple of weeks, maybe that helped.

So much for the technical observations. However, what was the dream actually about?! Well, as you might imagine, if a guy is suddenly able to play God within his own very, very realistic dream, a lot of base instincts are being played out… At least, that was the case for me. I really don’t want to go into the details, but there was a lot of fighting, loving and even some crying going on. I’m such a drama queen… But we’ll leave it at that.

Alright, time to wake up. Talk to you all soon.