Beware Of Easy

I just watched several episodes of “The Tim Ferriss Experiment,” a web series where bestselling author Tim Ferriss attempts to master a different skillset for every episode within just 4-5 days. In the series, he starts playing the drums to perform with legendary rock band Foreigner, he studies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with world champion Marcelo Garcia and he goes surfing with big wave legend Laird Hamilton.

I like the general concept of the show and I like Tim Ferriss as a person; heck, I even wrote a psychogram on the guy. However, I am very critical of the underlying premise of the show, which is also the central argument of Ferriss most recent book, “The 4-Hour Chef“: Everything can be hacked. In essence, Ferriss argues that by applying unusual learning strategies like “deconstruct your subject first” or “starting with the end in mind” you can significantly shorten your learning curve, cramming years of practice into just months or even a few weeks.

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