Blogging As a Productivity Tool

I have a feeling these posts are going to turn out shorter and shorter over the upcoming days… New York just keeps me busy, but in a very positive sense. I can’t stop marvelling and exploring, every time I visit here again.

So my titbit of productivity wisdom today is about the power of blogging. In the context of keeping up with my daily habits, I’d say blogging is really the one thing that makes all the difference. I’m certain I would have stopped following my strict habit regimen long ago, if it wasn’t for this blog.

This is primarily for two reasons, I think. First, they say you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with the most – which is a really stupid self-help kind of formula, but there is still something to this. So, the right consequence would then be to cultivate a group of people close to you that share the same passion for a certain subject, like forming the right habits in my case; this supportive kind of environment will then allow you to accomplish your goals faster and more reliably.

Great idea. However, what if you don’t know any people who share your very specific area of interest? Say hello to blogging. Nothing will get you connected faster to other crazy people all over the world than blogging. They will read your stuff and write YOU up. It’s truly magic.

The second reason why blogging is a gift from the heavens in terms of complying with your chosen habits: You get to talk to yourself. You get to order your thoughts by writing them down. You get to explain important stuff to yourself, like grinding it out; stuff that you tend to neglect otherwise, because we are all very lazy creatures at the core. Blogging will help you battle that laziness by keeping things transparent to yourself, which is pure gold.

Okay, gotta run, the big city is calling. Talk to you soon.