This blog has been around for a while, but it still doesn’t have an “About” page – so, it’s about time I wrote one.

Alright, why this blog? Because for as long as I can remember, I have been pondering the question “How should we live?” – as completely pathetic as that sounds. The best answer I’ve come up with so far would be to live without any regard for conventions – hence the subtitle of this blog.

So, in essence, I’m curious about unconventional answers to questions, like: What to do with these few decades we call life? How to make the most out of them? These are questions that are normally answered for us by others, without us even realizing. So of course we finish high school, attend college, become somewhat successful at our chosen career, engage in some baby making and buy a house… But does it all have to be oh so predictable? I really hope not.

“Living an unconventional life” as I understand it, equals living a successful live. Because wherever you look, either at the beginning of history or at the more recent past, we only build monuments for people who truly went against the grain. Socrates, Jesus, Marx or Freud – none of these guys became famous by upholding tradition. And that’s the only reason we still talk about them.

Personal development meets philosophy

So, what this blog will hopefully end up being about is unconventional methods for personal development, but with an ounce of philosophy mixed in. This way, we ideally never lose track of taking action while still making sure there is some sound reasoning (and skepticism) at the base of it all.

In this ideal scenario, we would provide each of these two areas with what they need most: some much needed intellectual tools for the self-help crowd, so people might start taking their advice more seriously; and the philosophy crowd would profit from some additional exposure to taking action, since thinking without real life consequences is just as bad as not thinking at all.

And yes, I realize the danger of trumpeting this kind of adolescent wisdom all over the internet and immortalizing yourself in the process – but what is the alternative (especially if you like to write and talk about these things)? Hiding behind some form of academic attitude and language, always just criticizing, never committing to any kind of position? Thanks, but no thanks. I’d really rather risk sounding like an idiot on occasion.

And that should work out nicely – since I just love everything that normal people are put off by. From self-punishment as a means to increasing your own productivity, to the Paleo diet, extreme minimalism or the digital nomad lifestyle – unconventional is just more fun. And not because you are trying to attract attention, but because you can’t help exploring what hasn’t been explored before. Alright, that’s it! After reading this again, I must say: it could have turned out much worse… Or even longer! So on to more posts.

Yours truly,